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Established in 2007. Operating in a number of fields such as:

- Mechanical processing for the electromechanical industry (M&E)
- Mechanical and electrical construction contractor (M&E)
- Investment (some areas)
All products are manufactured by P69 company on modern lines and the quality management system meets ISO 9001: 2015.

• Cable ladder, cable tray used in electrical systems, industrial electricity
• Air ducts, vents, and air valves used in the Ventilation System (HVAC)
• Various types of steel, multi-function support bar used in electromechanical systems (M&E)
• C-shaped purlin used in construction industry
•    And more

Providing an unlimited number of products when customers need to order.

Nhà máy P69

And we always try our best to create the most perfect products for the electromechanical system in the works to operate stably and sustainably. In order to create the best environment for urban areas, factories, factories ... Contribute a part to the industrialization and modernization of the country.

Professional general contractor (Supply and construction M&E system)
From estimating consultancy to implementing synchronous completion of works, with key M&E packages worth hundreds of billions:

• Ventilation system
• Fire protection system
• Medium, low voltage, lighting, power supply system
• Water supply and drainage system
• Backup generator system
• Light electrical system: lan network, camera, sound ...
• MBS intelligent building management system ...
•    Central Gas Heating
For projects: buildings, apartments, commercial centers, factories, hotels, airports, hospitals ...

With the concept that manpower is our biggest asset, we have trained a team of highly qualified and skilled cadres and workers. Every year, we organize training courses to improve the value of the company's human resources.

In parallel with the training and development of human resources, the absorption of science and technology, production lines, and new erection technology is a special issue that focuses on.

Not only focusing on the field of manufacturing, erection and construction. The company also invests in developing high-quality ecosystems. With long-term and good relations with foreign suppliers and by practical experience, P69 Investment Joint Stock Company has been appointed as sales agent for major domestic and international brands. in many fields such as: cameras, fire alarms, control devices, air conditioners, electrical wires, galvanized steel sheets ...

In addition to human and technical factors, we understand that relationships with partners and partners are the way to the strong development of the Company.

We are ready to meet all the requirements of customers in order to tighten the sustainable relationship, to cooperate and develop together to create architectural masterpieces.

History begin

P69 Investment Joint Stock Company - Formerly known as P69 Mechanical and Machinery Erection Co., Ltd. - Nguyen Thuy is Nguyen Tien Phu Co., Ltd. has over 25 years of highly effective operation in the field of mechanical processing and manufacturing. industrial machinery installation, civil construction, manufacturing and installation of ventilation, air-conditioning and industrial dust extraction systems. Due to the need to expand the fields of production and business, in April 2019, P69 Mechanical and Machinery Co., Ltd. was transformed into P69 Investment Joint Stock Company according to the Business Registration Certificate No: 0102352429 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi on April 14, 2019.

Based on the efficient operation of P69 Engineering and Machinery Co., Ltd, now P69 Investment Joint Stock Company has had many relationships, especially interested and trusted by customers.

With the motto " Prestige - Quality - Progress - Efficiency '', P69 JSC always aims for high-quality projects and constantly meets the requirements of customers.


• Machining, mechanical manufacturing and assembling industrial machines.

• Producing, buying, selling and installing industrial ventilation and dust extraction systems, accompanying equipment and spare parts (wind valves, air doors)

• Fabrication and installation of steel structures, prefabricated house frames

• Buying, selling, leasing machinery, equipment and supplies for mechanical, industrial, agricultural and construction industry

• Buying, selling, leasing machinery, electronic equipment, refrigeration, air conditioning and environmental treatment equipment,

• Buying and selling elevator equipment

• Purchase, sale and installation of medical equipment, water industry equipment, fire prevention and fighting equipment, fire alarm equipment

• Construction of civil, industrial, traffic, bridge and road tunnels, irrigation works, airports, seaports, construction of power transmission lines and substations up to 35KV, construction of works public works, post and telecommunications works, amusement and entertainment areas

• Leveling of construction sites

• Installation of systems, electricity, water, lighting systems for works, interior and exterior decoration of works.

• Producing, trading in building materials, interior and exterior furniture and products from aluminum and corrugated iron...

• Professional general contractor for M&E system construction

          - Air conditioning system

          - Fire protection system

          - Medium, low voltage electrical system, lighting, power system

          - Water supply and drainage system

          - Backup generator system

          - Light electrical system: LAN, camera, audio...

          - MBS intelligent building management system…

          - Central Gas Heating



  • Categories of air conditioners (Water Chillers, Air Cooled or Water Cooled Package Air Conditioners, VRF, VRV, Splim Package, Split type and Window type Air Conditioners...).
  • Types of fire alarm and fire fighting equipment of reputable brands in the world
  • Types of security surveillance cameras
  • Medium and low voltage generators
  • Supply and installation of electronic board system
  • And other as stated

Organizational structure


Contractor experience



1. Produce and install M&E Ventilation System for buildings, offices, factories

13 years

2. Design, manufacture and install Fire Protection System

07 years

3. Design, manufacture and install Medium, low voltage electrical system, lighting, power system

07 years

4. Design, manufacture and install Water supply and Drainage system

08 years

5. Design, manufacture and install Backup generator system

10 years

6. Manufacture and install:

- Light electrical system: LAN, camera, audio...

- MBS intelligent building management system…

10 years

7. Central Gas heating

05 years


With its long-term experience and capabilities, P69 Investment Joint Stock Company together with a team of highly skilled domestic and foreign staff and workers who are wholeheartedly in their work, have been and are implementing large national contracts and projects for Agencies, Companies, Factory Offices and great achievements through works and projects:
Ongoing projects:
1. Vinhomes Grand Park, 2020
2. Vinhomes Smart City, from 2019 up to now
Projects have been implemented
1. F1 Hanoi race track, 2019
2. Vincom Plaza Hoa Binh
3. Vincom Plaza Phu Ly
4. Vincom Plaza Thanh Hoa
5. Vinhomes Golden River - Ba Son, Ho Chi Minh City
6. Vinperl Cua Hoi
7. Vincom Plaza Ha Tinh
8. Vinhomes Central Park - Tan Cang, Ho Chi Minh City
9. Vincom Plaza North Tu Liem
10. Vinhomes Times City - Park Hill
11. Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh
12. Vincom Center Ha Long
13. Vinhomes Times City
14. Vinhomes Royal City
15. Vincom Village (Vinhomes Riverside)
16. Panasonic Vietnam factory
17. Ministry of Public Security Building - Pham Hung Street - Hanoi, 2009
18. EVN Power Building - 11 Cua Bac - Hanoi, 2009
19. Samsung Electronics Vietnam Factory, Yen Phong Industrial Park - Bac Ninh, 2008
20. Vietnam Radio and Television Station - 58 Quan Su - Hanoi, 2007
21. State Treasury Headquarters - No. 32 Cat Linh - Dong Da District - Hanoi, 2007
22. Canon Vietnam factory
And many other projects ...

Construction safety


Standards, regulations and requirements for contractors to apply, including:
  • * TCVN 5308 - 91 : Technical regulations on safety in construction.
  • * TCVN 4086 - 85 : Work safety
  • * TCVN 4055 - 85 : Construction organization
  • * 20TCN 25 - 91 : Electrical construction work
  • * 20TCN - 177 : Noise protection Standards for buildings.
  • * TCVN 4519 - 88 : Water construction work.
  • * TCVN - 3146 - 86 : General requirement for safety.
  • * TCVN - 2622 - 95 : Fire protection for houses and construction work.
Occupational Safety - Insurance

This is an important issue in construction that we always put on top.

Before entering the construction site, the Contractor organizes occupational safety training for employees participating in the construction on regulations and occupational safety. As follows:

  • * Absolutely comply with the regulations of the bid solicitor.
  • * Absolutely abide by the general rules, regulations and occupational safety on the construction site. If violated, the safety officer will be warned and disciplined. If the problem is serious, the worker will be excommunicated of the construction site.
  • * When entering the construction site, all officers and employees must wear shirts, pants, hats, shoes, labor protection uniforms of their units, wear cards to enter the construction site.
  • * Depending on the nature of the job, you must wear masks, gloves, welding glasses, ...
  • * When using electricity, workers must comply with the rules on electrical safety and fire prevention (absolutely not allowing people without electrical expertise to work).
  • * When working at high positions, seat belts must be worn.
  • * When using cutters, drills, ... lifting machines, cranes must comply with safety rules.
  • * Respect, be gentle, speak politely towards people of other units working on the construction site and towards guests.
  • * On the construction site, there will be a duty room, with 01 working desk and 1 first-aid medicine cabinet.

The contractor will purchase body insurance for all officers and employees of the contractor participating at the construction site. The Contractor will sign an accident first-aid contract with a hospital nearest to the construction site.

The contractor will organize periodical health checks for officials and employees participating in construction at the construction site.

Third-party asset protection
  • * Purchase civil insurance for a third party when starting to participate in construction at the site.
  • * Prohibit workers from trespassing on third-party property and working boundaries. Violators will be warned and disciplined. If it gets worse, that one will be fired.
  • * During the construction process, if it may affect the third party, the technical staff must notify the third party to take reasonable measures.
  • * In case of force majeure: causing damage to a third party, the Contractor must immediately negotiate to compensate or repair it.
Fire Prevention
  • * Disseminate regulations on fire prevention to all employees.
  • * When welding steam or electric, workers must comply with the rules on fire prevention and safety of the occupational safety inspection agency and the fire prevention and fighting agency.
  • * Arrange fireproof CO2 foam cylinders at places prone to fire such as warehouses, processing areas, offices and construction sites.