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Air Duct is the air-control product line commonly used in cooling factories, large buildings or supporting the ventilation to circulate fresh air and provide a stable amount of air. Let's find out the major features of the products through the information below:

Operating Principle of Air Duct

Air Ducts are known as indispensable accessories for industrial air conditioners, operating by the mechanism of blowing chilly air through ducts installed on the ceiling or hidden from the ceiling, conducts the air from the central machine and distributes it to the intermediate parts, bringing in cool air from the outside, reducing internal thermal shock.

In particular, the air duct supports protect the parts of the air conditioner, avoid contact with the outside environment and increase the lifespan of the product. At the same time, it also has the function of filtering the air and handling dust that easily causes the temperature difference inside and outside the room.

Detailed Structure:

+ The air duct is specially constructed, the outside is a thin layer of aluminum and has a very strong steel wire to enhance the rigidity, flexibility and elasticity of the air-conditioning duct.

+ The inside of the air conditioner pipe uses a layer of insulating glass wool, based on this layer, the duct will be divided into many types such as: D100, 200, 300, 400 and many different sizes, depending on the using purpose to choose the right type.

+ Duct tape is used as a sealing material in duct joints that have been sealed with other materials, to seal duct joints using rubber or silicone seals at the joints.

+ In addition, the Air Duct is also composed of many small parts to support the circulating process and lead air into the house effectively, ensuring that the house is airy and fresh.

Superior Features:

Air Ducts are increasingly used in high-rise buildings and industrial areas as an extremely effective ventilation system. The type of Air Duct is also highly appreciated for the following outstanding features:

Provide fresh wind and air

Normally, the space ensures the closed air-conditioning process, there is little natural air exchange, causing a lack of necessary oxygen, which is really discomfort. With operation of Air Duct, the natural air flow will be directly collected and mixed with the treated cool air, bringing a new amount of oxygen into the room, creating a natural, comfortable and healthy space.

Effective air filtering and waste elimination

Air Duct products are mostly sealed according to work requirements, in addition to bringing natural air inside but also promoting eliminating dirt and toxic substances from the inside out, therefore, the high-rise buildings become cleaner. At the same time provide cool wind, ensuring more fresh air.

Protect environment effectively

Normally, the parking lot in the basement of the building is not affected by wastes from vehicles, especially Radon gas, which accumulates for too long will cause pollution and directly harming human health. The air circulation of the Air Duct helps to diffuse these substances out, preventing the accumulation of harmful gases, ensuring a healthy environment.

Installation Process

The installation process of the Air Ducts is quite complicated, requiring a team of highly qualified staff to ensure that every stage is carried out safely and securely. As follows:

Prepare installation material:

Before any project, construction the most important thing is the preparation of materials. Here are the indispensable accessories:

  • Air conditioning duct material
  • Flexible duct connector
  • Special glue
  • Drawstring according to tube size
  • Solid support frame
  • Necessary tools and equipment: drills, cutters, scissors, hammers, screws, etc.
  • Accessories included when installing

Air Duct Installation Process

Step 1: Choose a location and mark the construction point

The first step is to choose the closest, most straight pipeline and comfortable space to install the air conditioner duct.


Step 2: Install the support frame

Once the belt is located, proceed to install the brackets in the straight line selected in the previous step.


Step 3: Place the flexible duct on the support frame


Once the sturdy bracket is installed, then insert the air conditioning ducts into every 4m long spool. Therefore, install the connector in the rack position to ensure that the connection is not out of place.


Step 4: Connect the joints between the gaps

The joints are used a dedicated duct connection, then glued together with scissors and continued until the end of the project.


Step 5: Install the ventilation air duct

After completing the outputs, proceed to attach the pipe mouths to ensure the hygiene of the entire system and safety when put into official use.


Step 6: Acceptance and put into use

Finally, when you have completed the installation process of the air conditioning duct, you conduct the acceptance test of the entire project and check the details of the following parts before putting them into use:


Check the entire pipeline

  • Check if the inside and outside of the tube has been cleaned
  • Conducts must be placed on the support frame
  • Check that the air duct connectors are sealed and secure

With the outstanding features of our Air Duct for health and the environment, the use of central air-conditioning systems using ducts is increasingly preferred in high-rise buildings. For more detailed product information, please directly contact our Hotline number



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