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Double Layer Diffuser is an indispensable product on the air conditioning system. Because the construction of civil construction works, and industrial parks require high quality and aesthetics. In which, the ventilation system is an indispensable item. Follow along with the post shared by P69 Mechanical Factory, to learn more about this product!

Product Information

Product code: DLD (Double Layer Diffuser)

Material: Shaped Aluminum code A6063T5

Surface cover: Powder-coating

Standard Color: Porcelain white, and other standard colors

Optional accessories: Opposed Blade Damper (OBD), Dust filter.

Size: Customized.

cửa gió 2 lớp nan bầu dục
Top quality product in Vietnam

Product Structure

  • Frame: Shaped Aluminum thickness 0.75mm
  • Vane: Shaped Aluminum thickness 0.6mm

Product Features 

The design of 2-layer oval spokes is manufactured on the leading technology lines of Korea and Japan, bringing a modern and high-class design during use. In particular, the product stands out by the following advantages:

– The product is made from profiled aluminum, on the wings there are support ribs to help increase the rigidity of the entire product.

– Design a variety of colors, suitable for all needs of customers

– Install directly on the wall or directly on the air duct

– Design a dust filter or insect screen

– Wings can be adjusted to an angle depending on usage requirements

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Air Grilles Application

Air Diffuser products Single Layer Designed on modern technology lines, all criteria meet safety standards suitable for all works used in high-rise buildings or apartments. As follows:

– Used as a return air outlet or a large-sized supply air outlet

– Good ability to avoid rainwater, usually mounted outdoors

– Design directly on the air conditioning system of apartments and industrial zones

Product Detailed Video

P69 Mechanical Factory Contact Information

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Headquarter: No. 06/165C, Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Telephone: 09666 86 969

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