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Round Air Diffuser
Used for ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems. In high-rise buildings, factories, industrial parks… using diffuser round louvers is gradually becoming popular because of the great benefits it brings. At present, this product is being offered and distributed at P69 Mechanical Factory.

Product Information


Material: Shaped Aluminum code A6063T5

Surface cover: Powder-coating

Standard Color: Porcelain white, and other standard colors

Optional accessories: Opposed Blade Damper (OBD), Dust filter.

Standard Face sizes: D200, D250, D300, D350, D400, D450, D500, D600

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The number 1 quality product in Vietnam voted by consumers

Product Structure

– Frame: shaped Aluminum thickness 1.2mm

– Vane: shaped Aluminum thickness 1mm

– Core frame: X-type, removable core unit.

Fresh Air Louver uses

– VCD valve can be attached to ensure aesthetics

– Use as supply or return air vents

– D400 diffuser mouth is used as air supply mouth

– Used as a supply mouth for air-locking systems, supplying wind to buildings

– Using Round Air Diffuser helps air to circulate evenly throughout the space, creating a comfortable living and working space that brings great benefits to users.

– Suitable for installation of all types of false ceilings, plaster ceilings

Product Features

– Using powder-coated aluminum profiles

– Profiled aluminum spokes are designed in the style of diffusing air in 4 directions from which to ensure ventilation, cold air is spread to all locations in the room.

– Removable core makes it easy to clean during use

– Raw materials use ABS, galvanized, stainless steel materials

– Install the frame, steel core for easy maintenance and disassembly…

Product detailed video


P69 Mechanical Factory Contact information

Address: Km 18, Thang Long Boulevard, Thach That Quoc Oai Industrial Area, Hanoi

Headquarter: No. 06/165C, Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Telephone: 09666 86 969

Hotline: 0989 188 982



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