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Material: Shaped Aluminum code A6063T5

Standard cover layer: Powder coating

Standard color: Porcelain white, other standard colors

Optional accessories: Opposed blade diffuser (OBD), dust filter.

Standard face size: 300×300, 450×450, 600×600 (mm) or customized

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Square air diffuser is currently one of the products commonly used in modern housing spaces, apartments, factories, etc. to provide a flow of fresh air, help exchange and clean the air effectively to a well-ventilated space in the rooms. So what is square air diffuser? Find out more about the product through the below information from P69 Mechanical Factory.

Product information


Material: Shaped Aluminum code A6063T5

Standard cover layer: Powder coating

Standard color: Porcelain white, other standard colors

Optional accessories: Opposed blade diffuser (OBD), dust filter.

Standard face size: 300×300, 450×450, 600×600 (mm) or customized

General information about Square Duct Diffuser

What is the air diffuser? The air diffuser is a product located in the circular louver with a novel and unique design that not only brings aesthetics in the space but also helps the process of absorbing fresh air and purifying the air effectively. Brings a feeling of comfort to the living space.

Especially, square air diffuser are designed with a variety of models, each type of louver will have its own characteristics, depending on the space used, it will have its own function to both ensure purification and absorb good airflow, bringing a pleasant atmosphere. Fresh air in every building, commercial center or enterprise today.

Square air diffuser detailed information

– The square air vent that diffuses in 4 directions is composed of 2 parts: core and frame.
– The air outlet frame is also made from profiled aluminum with a thickness of 1 mm.
– The product core is designed with aluminum profile with a thickness of 0.8 – 1 mm, so it is very light when mounted on the ceiling.
– The standard thickness of each aluminum foil is only 0.8 – 1mm, so the structure of the air outlet is very strong, no flaking or deformation during use.
– You can disassemble the vent core for simple maintenance or cleaning without wasting much time.
– In addition to increasing the durability of the aluminum foil, we use powder coating to make each aluminum foil more durable, with higher adhesion to the surface of the aluminum foil.

Air diffuser table size 

Product code
Face Size Neck Size Duct Size Ceiling Size
SAD A x B A – 145 A – 135 A – 50
B – 145 B – 135 B – 50

Air diffuser operational parameter table

Neck area (m2) Neck Size (mm) Velocity (m/s) 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4
0.09 300×300 CMH 280 305 385 450 530 615
NC <17 17 23 28 33 42
0.2025 450×450 CMH 655 860 1050 1280 1470 1615
NC <20 24 30 36 42 50
0.36 600×600 CMH 1280 1440 1610 1770 1940 2110
NC <20 26 32 38 44 51
NC: Noise Criterion (-) dB < 20 CMH: Cubic Meter Per Hour

Distinctive features of diffuser air vents

Diffuser vent is a product designed and manufactured to be installed in ventilation ductwork systems with the function of providing clean air, pushing dirty, dusty and hot air out. Along with that, bringing a clean space, beneficial to human health, and the diffuser model is also distinguished by the following features:

1. Product structure

Frame: Shaped Aluminum thickness: 0.85mm

Vane: Shaped Aluminum thickness 0.7mm, separated frame and core, easy to disassemble and maintain.

Vane connector: X-shaped crossed frame

2. Material – color air diffuser

The air diffuser is manufactured on the aluminum technology line with 1-1.2mm thick ribbed profiles with durability and sturdiness combined with white powder coating, ensuring good bearing capacity. and effective anti-oxidation suitable for hot – humid weather conditions of our country.

3. Air diffuser size

The characteristics of the air diffuser also come from the size of the product, the design is diverse in size, depending on the specific project to choose the appropriate size of the diffuser vent, while ensuring the filtering ability. The atmosphere both brings good aesthetics in the existing space.

4. Versatile use

The diffuser vent is also distinguished by its utility, the product is compactly designed but has a unique design used as a supply louver, an air return louver, etc., suitable for all types of plaster ceilings and other types, false ceiling. Moreover, with a variety of designs and functions, the diffuser model is also diverse to meet the needs of customers.

Popular types of air diffusers on the market

With outstanding advantages, diffuser vents are increasingly diverse in design, design, and style, bringing many options to customers, and prominently the following diffuser louvers.:

1. Square air diffuser

As one of the most popular types of louver today because of its simple but beautiful design, it is used to absorb air and supply air to the internal environment, used mainly in apartment buildings and applied as doors. ventilation, air supply or air conditioning ventilation. In particular, the square diffuser vent is also distinguished by the following features:

– The core is designed with shaped aluminum with a thickness of 0.8 – 1mm, so it is very light when mounted on the ceiling.

– The air outlet frame is also made from shaped aluminum with a thickness of 1 mm.

– Separated core and frame, easy to disassemble and simple product maintenance

– Door design with air box and valve to customize the flow and direction of the wind

– The frame is made from shaped aluminum, angled to create a right angle for the entire door

– All doors are electrostatically painted according to modern technology

2. Round air diffuser

Round air diffusers are also being used quite commonly today, used as supply or return air vents for heat supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems such as square wind. The circular diffuser type is distinguished by the following characteristics:

– Can attach VCD valve directly on the ceiling to ensure high art

– Designed with ceiling panel size 600x600mm or customized to your liking

– Shaped aluminum spokes are designed according to 4-way wind diffusion, ensuring ventilation.

– The core can be easily disassembled for cleaning, simply connecting the door rims

– Made from shaped aluminum or corrugated iron, usually white

– Painted by electrostatic powder coating line according to Asian standard technology

The application of the current air diffuser

With outstanding advantages, the air diffuser model is currently being commonly used in living spaces, each building will perform a separate function. As follows:

+ Air diffusers are used as supply or return vents in cooling ventilation systems.

+ Air diffusers mounted directly on the plaster ceiling or mounted directly on the air ducts.

+ Diffuser type can be fitted with air flow control valve

+ Air diffusers are widely used in high-rise buildings, commercial centers or factories.

The air diffuser system plays an extremely important role in air supply and exhaust gas removal, helping to effectively purify the air to bring a fresh atmosphere in the used spaces. Therefore, for more product details, please contact our Hotline number directly for advice and quote air diffuser price.

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Note when buying diffused square air vents

– Currently, the louver has many different designs and sizes, types and colors to meet the diverse needs of customers. But mostly still square, round and rectangular louvers.

– The common size of the product is usually 600 x 600, which is used as an installation air outlet corresponding to the size of the drop ceiling panels used for decoration or as a supply surface for the central air conditioning system.

– In addition, the product is also designed in a 4-way diffusing pattern to ensure that the ventilation or cold air spreads evenly to different locations in different environments.

Product details Square Air Diffuser video

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