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Today, the development of technology has led to a series of intelligent machine technologies that have developed. One of them is the ventilation air conditioner, providing a large amount of wind to bring the feeling to the members when in the room. So what is a Slot Diffuser? What is its effect? Follow the article of P69 Mechanical Factory for answers!

Product Information

Product Code: SD (Slot Linear Diffuser)

Material: Shaped Aluminum code A6063T5

Surface cover: Powder-coating

Standard Color: Porcelain white, and other standard colors

Optional accessories: Opposed Blade Damper (OBD), Dust filter.

Size: Customized.

  • Standard width size depends on the number of slots: 1 slot. 2 slots and 3 slots.
  • Standard sizes and lengths to choose from: 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm
  • Size is 2 or more pieces when the size is more than 1200mm.

What is a Slot Diffuser?

Slot Diffuser, also known as Slot vents, is one of the most popular air vents currently used in air conditioning and ventilation projects.

Product Structure

– Frame: Shaped Aluminum thickness 0.8mm
– Vane: Shaped Aluminum thickness 0.7mm, the blades can adjust the airflow.


– Used as diffuser supply or return air grille.

– The blades can adjust the airflow in many directions.

– Usually mounted on the ceiling along the corridors of halls, large showrooms require high technical and artistic skills.

– Will be two or more segments when the size is greater than 1200mm.

Color Material

– Frame and wings are made from reinforced ribbed profiled aluminum

– High aesthetic design.

– Painted with electrostatic powder coating line according to the technology of Korea and Japan, color according to customer’s request.

Slot Diffuser Application

Slot Diffuser – helps control the temperature

Slot Diffuser, which helps to close and open flexibly to adjust the amount of wind along with regulating the indoor temperature, cooling the atmosphere according to your needs, making the spirit more refreshing, creating effective work results.

Slot Diffuser – helps circulate air

In particular, the product plays an important role in air circulation, helping to regulate the air inside and outside the house. As a result, it is possible to reduce the amount of dirty air, which directly affects human health and the louvers are an indispensable part of the air conditioning system.

Slot Diffuser – helps to eliminate air stagnation

In addition to the above effects, slot vents are also known as an effective method, helping to provide oxygen for the human body’s activities and at the same time, making the human respiratory process easier. than.

With outstanding advantages, the product is one of the outstanding items in the air conditioning system of every family. Please contact our Hotline number for advice and quotation!

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