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  • Voltage: 220V AC, 24V AC/DC
  • Force: 2Nm…30Nm
  • Control: Open/close control (On/Off), Linear control (Modulating)
  • Feedback: Yes or no
  • Pull-back spring: Yes or no
  • The level of dust and water resistance of the motor: IP54
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Belimo Valve Engine is one of the most popular accessories used by customers in architectural works. So today, let’s follow the information below with P69 Mechanical Factory, to better understand this product!

What is Belimo Valve Engine?

To put it simply, this is a set of Belimo valve control motors that help control this ductwork system remotely and fully automatically, the Belimo controller is controlled via push buttons in the electrical cabinet or higher than through the intelligent BMS system.

Động cơ van Belimo
High-quality Belimo Vale Engine from P69 Mechanical Factory


– Voltage: 220V AC, 24V AC/DC

– Force: 2Nm…30Nm

– Control: Open/close control (On/Off), Linear control (Modulating)

– Feedback signal: Yes or no

– Spring pull back: Yes or no

The level of dust and water resistance of the motor: IP54

Outstanding Features

Currently, Belimo engine valves are being used commonly in ductwork, ventilation systems, etc., to help control components flexibly and smoothly. The product stands out by the following salient features:


+ Diverse voltage range: The belimo control valve is designed with a variety of voltages such as: 220V AC, 120V AC, 24V AC, 24V DC…. offering many options, helping to avoid having to use extra equipment. as transformer for control.

+ Control form: The valve is designed to open and close control and linearly, depending on the control requirements of the system, choose the appropriate MDF solenoid valve.

+ Feedback signal: Through auxiliary switches to show the operating status of the ducted solenoid valve, there is no need for a normal duct control system but an indispensable function for the intelligent control BMS of the company. building.

+ Feedback spring: The function is necessary with the fire extinguishing system pipeline or requires the control valve design to have a feedback spring.

+ Special certificate: The type of belimo engine valve is specialized for fire fighting system, for the type with high ULFM certificate, it is only used when required by design or high-class works.

Flexible installation capabilities

In particular, the Belimo engine valve is also appreciated for its flexibility in both mounting position and number of motor units for louvers and installation space. For example, the air valve is large, so it requires 3 motors installed in parallel, you will be consulted by the technical team on how to install and connect.

Product Quality

The Belimo brand has affirmed its position thanks to its high-quality products. With a team of leading technicians in Vietnam; ensure to bring diverse designs of valves to suit the shopping needs of many customers.


The Belimo valve motor is being used for the normal opening and closing function; It is used to distribute fresh air to each area. This type of motor works on the following principle:

When the room temperature reaches the required temperature; The Belimo controller in the room will signal the opening and closing of the Damper Actuator Belimo, also known as the motor that adjusts depending on the user’s purpose. Once there, you open the faucet allowing pressurized water to drain out of the pipe.

Likewise, when you flush the toilet you open two valves: one that allows the water to drain to empty and the other Belimo Control Valve that takes in more water into the tank ready for the next flush. Belimo air valve actuators are pretty much guaranteed in any plant where liquids or gases are used.


Possessing many outstanding features, the product is now widely applied in life, not only in the ductwork system, but also in the following equipment:

+ Belimo engine valve in clothes washer

+ Belimo control valve in the cylinder of a car engine

+ Control valve Belimo refrigerator or air conditioner

Where to buy quality Belimo valve engine?

Currently, there are many different Belimo valve engines on the market. But P69 Mechanical Factory is still considered a name chosen by many customers when shopping for products. With the following outstanding advantages:

– Competitive price

– Fast, modern production line

– Professional and flexible sales staff

– Product warranty policy from 12-36 months

Products are diverse in size and design; This will help customers choose a cheap but quality Belimo valve engine. If you have any questions, you can directly contact the Hotline number for answers!

P69 Mechanical Factory Contact information

Address: Km 18, Thang Long Boulevard, Thach That Quoc Oai Industrial Area, Hanoi

Headquarters: No. 06/165C, Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Telephone: 09666 86 969

Hotline: 0989 188 982




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