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Flexible Duct Couplings is a very popular accessory in the wind system, helping to prevent system vibration and effectively limit noise. So what is air duct flexible coupling? What are the characteristics of air duct flexible coupling? However, not many of you understand the details of the product. Down here P69 Mechanical Factory will share in the most specific way.

Product Information


  • Materials: Polyester
  • Limited Temperature: -20oC to 120oC
  • Fabric Thickness: 0.6mm (± 0.05mm)
  • Coating: black PVC, navy, other colors as requested
  • Galvanized steel Thickness: 0.48mm

Size: As requested

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What is Duct Coupling?

Duct flexible coupling is known as a popular ductwork accessory, the product has the effect of reducing the transmission of vibrations from the fan blades in the duct. In the operation of the duct system, when the blades rotate, they will directly affect the connecting pipe. As a result, the efficiency of the duct is reduced, the life of the product will also be changed not to be high.

In particular, the design of duct joints is currently classified into many different models and types, each with its own characteristics, suitable for many different projects such as apartments, commercial centers, basements. , parking lot… Thanks to that, the air duct system operates smoothly, the ventilation efficiency increases, and the duct life is also increased.

Duct flexible coupling is used to connect a fan or air conditioner to the duct system, in order to reduce vibrations from the fan transmitted to the duct causing noise. The main use of flexible couplings is to isolate vibrations and eliminate installation errors.

Product Characteristics

– Soft connection of flat, beautiful air ducts, limiting current disturbances and increasing impedance

– Flexible connection of the air duct is connected to the corrugated iron by the Pittsburgh seam, ensuring it is firm and always airtight

– Bearing capacity of mechanical joints (fabric connected to steel)

– Size

A = Galvanized steel width B = Fabric width
60mm 100mm
100mm 100mm

Pros and Cons of Round Fireproof Duct Couplings

Duct flexible coupling is currently being widely used in many different projects because of the advantages of connection, durability and aesthetics to ensure safety during use. Specifically, the following outstanding advantages:


– Minimize noise, vibration, shock during operation

– Ability to absorb movements more easily

– Flexible size suitable for many different pipes

– Good heat resistance and bearing capacity

– Affordable price, suitable for many projects

– Simple and easy installation of joints


– High-cost stainless steel soft joints

– Soft coupling, distracting from other activities

– Relatively heat resistant

The most popular types of flexible duct couplings today

Types of flexible joints are now designed in a variety of designs and types to meet the needs of many projects. Specifically, the following two types of joints:

Round Duct Couplings

Round Duct Couplings are fairly common products in the ductwork system, designed in a circular or oval shape, bringing high ventilation performance, energy saving, and cost savings for building owners. In particular, flexible duct joints have good heat resistance, meeting ventilation requirements in high-temperature areas.

In addition, the products of round duct joints are also distinguished by their ability to resist rust, abrasion, and oxidation. Absolutely safe during use.

Square Duct Couplings

Together with the round air duct flexible couplings, square duct couplings are quite popular nowadays. The product is designed in a rectangular, square shape to help maximize ventilation, create high efficiency and the square duct soft coupling is also appreciated for its good heat resistance, averaging up to 320 degrees Celsius suitable for projects in hot sunny areas, operating with large capacity.

In addition, the square air duct soft block is currently highly appreciated for its ability to resist oxidation, stacking and anti-rust, suitable for acidic environments or areas with obvious hot and humid weather conditions. ensure the certainty and aesthetics for the entire project.

Product Detailed Video

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