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Unistrut channel is one of the indispensable accessories in fixing, locating and making racks for cable ladder systems. Depending on the terrain and design of each project, customers choose the right product to ensure safety, certainty and contribute to improving the aesthetics of the project. Let’s join the P69 Mechanical Factory to find out, through the sharing article below.

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P69 Mechanical Factory High-quality Product

Product Information


Unistrut channel product types:

  • Unistrut channel 41×41
  • Unistrut channel 41×21
  • Perforated Unistrut channel
  • Non-perforated Unistrut channel

Detailed Structure:

  • Material: Galvanized steel, hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, powder coated
  • Size: 41×41, và 41×21 (mm)
  • Length: 3m or 6m, U rod length is cut according to customer’s request when buying in bulk
  • Thickness: 1,5 – 2 (mm)

What is Unistrut Channel?

Multi-functional channel or Unistrut Channel is used in the support of ductwork systems. Used a lot in the construction industry; electrical industry as with the effect of supporting the power line system; the light; plumbing or air conditioning system…

Product Characteristics

Manufactured entirely from sheet metal. Can be rolled into an open shape with lips curled inward. This design is intended to increase the rigidity of the construction product, providing a bearing capacity of 5 times the volume of the ductwork and ensuring that it is not rusty to be used as a support for cold air ducts in the best way.

Multipurpose support bar classification

The multi-purpose support bar is designed in a variety of designs and styles and is currently divided into 2 types. As follows:

Perforated Unistrut Channel

Products widely used in construction have a wide selection, quickly and easily connect to each other and different lengths to the bars, using the universal support bar attachment and screw bolts , it can be quickly assembled with tools that reduce costs significantly in many applications.

In particular, the support bar is made from galvanized steel, so it has good anti-rust ability, can be used without having to add anti-rust coating, always durable and beautiful with time.

Product Detailed Video

Non-perforated Unistrut Channel

The product is designed from electroplated steel, powder coated steel with a thickness of about 2.0-2.5mm. Flexible design, simple installation and removal without any welding, withstands high loads and is used in projects, high-rise apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing factories. export cable tray…

Product Detailed Video

Pros and Cons of Unistrut Channel

As one of the indispensable cable tray accessories for ductwork systems in buildings, factories or commercial centers. The product is highly appreciated for the following outstanding advantages:


– Designed in a variety of categories; meet the different usage requirements of many customers, depending on the project used to choose the right type of rack.

– Highly appreciated for convenience; easy assembly and quick connection with other materials.

– Quick assembly of duct racks creates favorable conditions for the installation team, significantly reducing costs for customers when installing duct systems.

– Use a versatile support bar that is easy to modify; It’s relatively easy to add other details if necessary.

– In addition, the multi-purpose support bar also has all the core elements of U steel, V steel, plus galvanized steel material, which makes the galvanized cable tray anti-rust and oxidation extremely effective.


– It takes a long time to punch holes for threaded products with non-perforated support bars.

– The aesthetic is not high

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