Fireproof Damper (FD) with EI standard

Fire is a hazard caused by fire, it brings a lot of damage. Today’s constructions that occur on fire will cause great loss and damage from property to people if there is no specialized fire extinguishing equipment. In order to prevent an unfortunate situation from happening, the EI Fireproof Damper (FD) was produced. So today, let’s find out with P69 Mechanical Factory through the article below to understand this product better!

What is Fireproof Damper (FD) with EI standard?

– Fireproof Damper (FD) with EI standard also has the same structure as conventional air valves, however, Ei fireproof air valves have the outstanding advantage of being able to withstand high temperatures according to Ei 30 – Ei 120 standards.

– E (Integrity) is the limit level at which the material structure is perfectly maintained without breaking, falling, etc., regardless of the heat transfer capacity of the material. This limit is usually determined for application in fireproof solutions such as manufacturing partitions, walls, ventilation systems, etc.

– I (Thermal Insulation) is the limit at which the material retains stable thermal insulation ability. The main structure of the material is not damaged by heat. Determine this limit to apply to fireproof solutions, ensuring when a fire occurs, the materials are kept intact, the fire cannot spread, the temperature on the surfaces of the materials is guaranteed. tell.

Van gió FD Chống cháy EI
The fire-resistant wind valve Ei has an outstanding advantage over other valves that can withstand high temperatures according to the standards Ei 30 – Ei 120

Product details

1. Product code

– Square Fireproof Damper: S-FD

+ EI 30 – 120

+ Fireproof plaster cover

– Round Fireproof Damper: R-FD

2. Materials: Galvanized steel or stainless steel, Knauf Fireshield Fireproof gypsum board

3. Valve body structure:

– Valve body made of corrugated iron 1.15mm thick. The entire outside of the valve frame is covered with a layer of 15.9mm thick fireproof plaster.

4. Valve structure:

– The vane has a length equal to the length of the valve body, galvanized sheet material 1.15mm thick

– The vane is welded fixed to the valve shaft with a diameter of 10mm

– The vane is covered with a layer of 15.9mm thick fireproof plaster and a layer of silicon

5. Flange construction: TDC 30

6. Description of accessories:

– Spring: stem 1.5-1.6mm, length 95mm and 190mm

– Thermal fuse operating threshold 72-740 C.

7. Size: According to customer’s design requirements

8. Fire resistance limit: EI from 30 to 120

Characteristics of Fireproof Damper (FD) with EI standard

– Produced automatically on CNC machines, ribbed to ensure firmness.

– Valve shaft and bearing made of galvanized steel, suitable for all valve sizes.

– Fuses are manufactured by world-famous companies

– Eligible for fire protection inspection (for square valve).

Van gió FD Chống cháy EI
The wind valve product of P69 Mechanical Factory meets the test standard for fire suppression valve of EI 125 gas distribution system

Advantages of Fireproof Damper (FD) with EI standard

– EI fireproof FD air valve is used on the duct system in cases where fire and explosion prevention is required, spreading the flame to other areas, when the airflow temperature is high, the EI fireproof FD air valve will be effective against the spread of fire. In the event of a fire, the valve can be automatically closed by the engine, minimizing the risk of fire spreading to other systems.

– The installation position of the fireproof FD air valve EI: It is an important factor in the operating principle, so it is installed on the ventilation system right on the top of the blow way, which has the effect of preventing the fire from spreading through the air ducts. other ventilation systems in the same building when an incident occurs.

–  EI fireproof FD air valve can be fitted with a motor to operate in conjunction with the fire alarm system.

–  In addition, it also has the effect of air conditioning, ventilation in buildings, factories or commercial centers, apartment buildings.

Van gió FD Chống cháy EI

Quality products of P69 Mechanical Factory

Where to buy quality Fireproof Damper (FD) with EI standard?

Currently, in the market, P69 Mechanical Factory is a manufacturer of the fireproof duct with EI standard, so this is considered a name chosen by many customers when shopping for products. With the following outstanding advantages:

– Competitive price

– Fast, modern production line

– Professional and flexible sales staff

– Product warranty policy from 12-36 months

Products are diverse in size and design, helping customers choose a cheap but quality EI Gypsum board material fireproof duct. If you have any questions, you can directly contact Hotline: 0989 188 982 for answers!

P69 Mechanical Factory Contact Information

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Telephone: 09666 86 969

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Email: kd1@cokhip69.com.vn



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