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Product code: Square Check Damper: R-NRD

Material: Galvanized or Stainless Steel

Detailed Structure:

  • Valve body thickness: 0.75 ÷ 2 (mm)
  • Valve wing thickness: 0.58 ÷ 1.15 (mm)
  • Valve Shaft: Galvanized Round Steel 10×10 (mm)
  • Bearing damper: Galvanized Steel Silver, Round Hole perforated on Valve Body

Operation: Operates when there is a wind flow impact on the valve wings in one direction.

Size: Customized

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Non-return Round Damper is one of the outstanding products of the ventilation system. It has an important effect on the smooth circulation of the ventilation system.

So what is a Non-return Round Damper; What are the advantages of this air valve; Let’s learn about products with P69 Mechanical Factory, through the information below.

Non-return Round Damper General Introduction

Non-return Round Damper is a part that helps to adjust the air flow automatically. When there is a large enough amount of wind to pass through; The air valve will automatically open and close automatically when the wind blows against it to help avoid dirt and risks.

When operating, the 1-way circular air valve does not use electricity. But the opening – closing operation takes place quickly and with absolute precision.

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High-quality Non-return Round Damper from P69 Mechanical Factory

Product Information

Product code: R-NRD

Materials: Galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel

Limited temperature: -20 to 120 Celsius Degree

Detailed Structure:

– Body type: Body is not welded. Thickness from 0.75 -1.15(mm)

– Wing type: Single wing. Thickness from 0.75 – 1.15(mm)

– Valve shaft: Galvanized round steel 10×10(mm)

– Valve silver: Galvanized steel silver, round hole mounted on valve body


– When the air flow passes through the one-way circular air valve, the door will automatically open. For fan systems installed in parallel, sharing 1 air duct, non-backflow check valve when one fan stops working.

– Check valve only works when installed with horizontal vane.

– One-way forward wing movement.

Pairing: Connect the sound cage directly to the air duct cavity

– Size: As required

Non-return Round Damper Characteristics

– The valve body is shaped, bent and cut automatically on CNC machines. Valve body with stiffening ribs

– The round vane is shaped with a V-shaped stiffener in the middle.

– Air valve shaft is manufactured by CNC lathe from 10×10(mm) square steel and hot-dip galvanized.

– The valve stem has a 2-block structure made of galvanized steel, with a 10×10 round hole to create a solid connection without screws with the valve shaft.

– Each link of a one-way circular air valve is each countersunk, cold worked, or electrically welded joint according to the material compensation method.

– The CNC synchronous punching machine system allows the P69 Mechanical Factory to punch silver holes precisely on the valve body or support rod. Ensures maximum concentricity of bearings, shafts and blades. So that Non-return Round damper circle operates smoothly and precisely.

The control components of the one-way round air valve are manufactured by P69 Mechanical Factory, suitable for each type, or imported from reputable manufacturers, according to the highest standards.

Non-return Round Damper Significant Uses

The 1-way air valve is an outstanding design in the ventilation system, because of the outstanding uses it brings:

+ The wind valve operates under an automatic mechanism, without the intervention of passive control.

+ Self-closing 1-way air valve to limit unfortunate risks when there is no air flow. This process happens quickly, so the position of the air valve is even more important.

+ One-way valve device is mainly used to prevent the backflow of air in the duct system.

+ The price of the 1-way round air valve is much cheaper than the hand-held wind valve, VCD air valve, OBD wind valve, …. Suitable for many different projects, meeting the needs of many customers.

+ Another great effect of the air valve is that it helps to adjust the air flow inside the ventilation system, helping the interior environment to be circulated and providing continuous ventilation.

Non-return Round Damper Mechanism

Surely many people will be curious about the working principle of this product:

– This type of air valve works by automatic mechanism; There is no interference related to the control device.

– The product works by automatic mechanism. When air flows to the valve, the swing gate under the action of flow energy is pushed out of the closed position and allows flow to pass through the valve.

– When there is no airflow, the swing gate under the action of its own weight or the force of the spring is held tight, so it will automatically close to limit the risk of not coming.

This process happens in a very quick and timely manner. Therefore, the position of the air valve in the ventilation system is even more important.

Non-return Round Damper Outstanding Advantages

When it comes to the one-way valve, you can imagine this device to help the duct system work efficiently and accurately. Featured by the following advantages:

Advantage 1:

+ The Non-return Round Damper is made from two main materials, which are stainless steel or galvanized steel, which are materials with high endurance, helping to prolong the life and increase the durability of the product, preventing rust and oxidation over time. usage period.

Advantage 2:

+ In particular, the Non-return Round Damper is specially designed with a door valve system that automatically opens when there is enough wind to pass and is automatically closed when the wind moves against it. That’s why the check valve can be used on the supplied airline but not on the return airline.

Advantage 3:

+ The Non-return Round Damper operates automatically, performing continuous operations without any problems, convenient for the system to operate many equipment, saving labor and operating costs. during use of the ventilation system.

Advantage 4:

+ The Non-return Round Damper design is diverse in design such as: square air valve, round air valve, making it easy for customers to choose the right product for the purpose of use. As well as finding the right product for the installation space, so that the valve can perform its functions.

Advantage 5:

+ In addition, the Non-return Round Damper does not use electricity during operation, helping businesses save costs in a maximum way during use while still meeting the flow of cool air into the space.

Above is information about the advantages and uses of Non-return Round Damper, hope to help you choose the right product and find a place to buy a reputable and quality 1-way air valve. For more information, contact our hotline right away!

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