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Product code: Square Fire Damper: R-FD

Material: Galvanized or Stainless Steel

Detailed Structure:

  • Valve body thickness: 0.75 ÷ 2 (mm)
  • Valve wing thickness: 0.58 ÷ 1.15 (mm)
  • Valve Shaft: Galvanized Round Steel 10×10 (mm)
  • Bearing damper: Galvanized Steel Silver, Round Hole Perforated on Valve Body

Operated: Operated by thermal fuse and spring

Size: Customized

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Round Fireproof Damper is one of the most popular accessories used by customers in architectural works. So today, let’s follow the information below with P69 Mechanical Factory, to better understand this product!

What is Round Fireproof Damper?

Round Fireproof Damper is a vent valve with a rather special structure compared to some other common air valves. Fire-blocking circular wind valve is used to prevent spreading of fire and smoke on the fire-fired duct system to neighboring areas, thereby minimizing damage caused by fire incidents, and protecting human life.

High-quality Round Fireproof Damper from P69 Mechanical Factory

Product Information

Product code: R-FD

Materials: Galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel

Limited temperature: -20 to 120 Celsius Degree

Detailed Structure:

– Body type: Body is not welded. Thickness from 0.75 -1.15(mm)

– Wing type: Single wing. Thickness from 0.75 – 1.15(mm)

– Valve shaft: Galvanized round steel 10×10(mm)

– Valve silver: Galvanized steel silver, round hole mounted on valve body


– Using a molten thermal fuse at 70-75 degrees Celsius to switch off, when a molten fuse occurs, the valve will be closed and held tightly by a spring to prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other areas. .

– One-way forward wing movement.

Pairing: Connect the sound cage directly to the air duct cavity

Size: As required

Product Characteristics

– The product body is shaped, bent and cut automatically on CNC machines. Valve body has stiffening ribs.

– The vane is shaped with a V-shaped stiffener in the middle.

– The valve shaft is manufactured by CNC lathe from 10×10(mm) square steel and is hot-dip galvanized.

– The valve stem has a 2-block structure made of galvanized steel, with a 10×10 round hole to create a solid connection without screws with the valve shaft.

Valve connections are countersunk connections, cold worked, or electrically welded by material compensating method.

– The CNC synchronous punching machine system allows the P69 Mechanical Factory to punch Silver holes precisely on the valve body or support bar. Ensures maximum concentricity of bearings, shafts and blades. Therefore, the circular air valve prevents the fire from operating smoothly and accurately.

The control elements of the fire-blocking air valve are manufactured by P69 Mechanical Factory, suitable for each type, or imported from reputable manufacturers, according to the highest standards.

Where to buy the best Round Fireproof Damper?

Currently, on the market, there are many different suppliers of Round Fireproof Damper, but P69 Mechanical Factory is still considered the name chosen by many customers when shopping for products. With the following outstanding advantages:

– Competitive price

– Fast, modern production line

– Professional and flexible sales staff

– Product warranty policy from 12-36 months

Products are diverse in size and design, helping customers choose a cheap but quality fire stop valve. If you have any questions, you can directly contact the Hotline number for answers!

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