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Screw Round Damper is one of the most popular accessories used by customers in architectural works. So today, let’s follow the information below with P69 Mechanical Factory, to better understand this product!

Screw Round Damper General Introduction

VCD is an acronym for Volume control damper. VCD type of air valve is known as an accessory to adjust the amount of air on the ductwork, used in both supply and return air systems. Usually, the VCD air valves are installed at the mouth of the air box; The product adjusts through the screw so that the ventilation effect is also adjusted to the air valve many times better.

Product types

In particular, the VCD body and spoiler are made of zinc coated corrugated iron with an average thickness of 0.6-1.2m, they are fitted with the air duct to conduct the wind. Since then, VCD air valves are divided into 3 main types:

+ VCD air valve adjusted by hand lever

+ VCD air valve is adjusted by screw handle

+ VCD air valve adjusted by electric motor

Each product has different applications, suitable for each different project. Based on the shape, the product is divided into 2 types: rectangular, round valve…….depending on the features and installation location, it will be divided into many different types of air valves.

Screw Round Damper Characteristics

VCD type of wind valve is now widely used in ventilation duct systems in construction works and buildings. VCD air valve products are distinguished by the following characteristics:

+ VCD air valve is distinguished by the ability to adjust the supply and return air flow during use.

+ VCD valve design is installed on the supply or return pipeline behind the air manifold box; provide optimum performance.

In particular, the VCD air valve is easy to adjust the supply and return air volume during use.

+ VCD wind valve is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, the valve arm is made of plastic or worm wheel, creating certainty and anti-oxidation effectively.

+ The size of the air valve door is larger than 600mm; The louver is made up of several equal parts with each part having its own adjusting screw in accordance with the actual requirements.

Screw Round Damper Advantages

VCD products are designed in a variety of designs and styles; and materials to meet all needs. In particular, the VCD air valve from P69 Mechanical Factory is being appreciated for the following outstanding advantages that the product brings:

+ VCD air valve of P69 Mechanical Factory is made entirely from high-grade VCD. The product has high strength and toughness. In particular, they have antioxidant capacity; suitable for use in hot and humid environments to improve the life of air valves in actual constructions.

+ Moreover, VCD air valve is very light in weight, which also helps to limit transportation and installation work; Customers will save a large amount of money to transfer and hire labor, reduce costs in installing wind valve systems.

+ VCD air valve products from P69 Mechanical Factory are manufactured on modern lines; and a quality management system that meets ISO 9001:2000 standards to ensure a variety of quality and design criteria before being put on the market; absolutely committed to user safety.

+ In addition to good quality and beautiful design, the price list of VCD valves at this unit is also extremely competitive. With a team of well qualified professionals; equipped with modern machinery to ensure labor efficiency as well as good materials. Optimizing production stages; and bring the cheapest VCD valves to users.

Application of current VCD air valve

Similar to other types of air valves; VCD air valve is a product used to adjust the air flow. They are used in both supply and return air systems. And installed directly at the mouth of the duct box.

Using VCD air gate valve can adjust the air flow through screws; The adjustment efficiency is much higher than that of other air valves. Widely applied in the following fields:

+ VCD louver valve is made from corrugated iron or stainless steel, the position of the mouth of the air box is easy to install in the air conditioning or ventilation system.

+ VCD valve is usually applied to WC exhaust systems; fresh air supply systems directly into large buildings.

+ VCD air valve is used as a system in ventilation systems in companies, high-rise buildings or large commercial centers.

Mechanical factory P69 is currently one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing wind valves; committed to bring quality and diversified products in terms of designs, types …. to meet all the needs of customers.

Customers can quickly contact our hotline number, for the earliest advice and quote!

Where to buy the best Screw Round Damper?

Currently, on the market, there are many different suppliers of Screw Round Damper, but P69 Mechanical Factory is still considered the name chosen by many customers when shopping for products. With the following outstanding advantages:

– Competitive price

– Fast, modern production line

– Professional and flexible sales staff

– Product warranty policy from 12-36 months

Products are diverse in size and design, helping customers choose a cheap but quality fire stop valve. If you have any questions, you can directly contact the Hotline number for answers!

Product Detailed Video

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