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Non-return Square Damper is one of the indispensable details in high-rise buildings, construction buildings, apartment buildings, etc.

However, what is Non-return Square Damper and what are its characteristics. Let’s follow the post shared below of the P69 Mechanical Factory for answers.

What is Non-return Square Damper?

Non-return Square Damper known as one of the air flow regulators and applied in the air supply line or in the air conditioning system.

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High-quality Non-return Square Damper from P69 Mechanical Factory


Product code: S- NRD

Materials: Galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel

Limited temperature: -20 to 120 Celsius Degree

Detailed Structure:

– Body type: Body is not welded. Thickness from 0.75 -1.15(mm)

– Wing type: Single wing. Thickness from 0.75 – 1.15(mm)

– Valve shaft: Galvanized round steel 10×10(mm)

– Valve silver: Galvanized steel silver, round hole mounted on valve body


– When the air flow passes through the valve will automatically open the door. For fan systems installed in parallel, sharing 1 air duct, non-backflow check valve when one fan stops working.

– One-way square air valve only works when installed with horizontal vane.

– Forward 1-way Wing movement

Connection: Connect the voice cage directly to the air duct cavity

Size: As required

Features of Non-return Square Damper

The square air valve is used in ventilation systems or in air conditioning systems and is installed on the return or supply air lines depending on the use cases.

+ In particular, the method of adjusting the air flow on the 1-way square air valve is mainly by motor or manual adjustment.

+ In the process of using the square air valve, the return and supply air volume will be adjusted very easily and quickly.

+ The materials used to manufacture the popular 1-way square air valve are mainly galvanized steel, stainless steel …… with durability and effective oxidation resistance, suitable for hot – humid weather conditions of our country.

Mechanism of Non-return Square Damper

Currently, one-way square air valves are mainly used in factories, factories or commercial centers, to ensure an airy working space, in these places need to be designed more valves. Square unidirectional wind has the effect of smooth ventilation.

One-way square air valves are often located in important positions to control other areas in the system of ducts and air conditioners. The 1-way square air valve is operated automatically, without the intervention related to passive control. In the case when the wind flow is blowing, it will still automatically close to limit the unfortunate risks, all processes are quick and timely.

Product Detailed Video

Where to buy the best Non-return Square Damper

So where to buy Non-return Square Damper? Definitely a question that gets the attention of many customers. On the market, there are many different product suppliers, but P69 Company is still a name trusted and chosen by customers because of the following advantages:

– A team of professional technicians with high professional qualifications

– Cheaper than other brands

– Product warranty policy 12-36 months

– Home delivery support

– Consulting and answering all questions 24/7

The above is the product information that P69 Mechanical Factory introduces, hopes to help you gain more useful knowledge about the product before choosing. If you have any questions, please contact our hotline directly for answers!


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