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Product code: R-VCD-H

Material: Galvanized or Stainless Steel

Detailed Structure:

  • Valve body thickness: 0.75 ÷ 2 (mm)
  • Valve wing thickness: 0.58 ÷ 1.15 (mm)
  • Valve Shaft: Galvanized Round Steel 10×10 (mm)
  • Bearing damper: Galvanized Steel Silver, Round Hole perforated on Valve Body

Operation: Manual hand operation

Size: Customized

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Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever is one of the most popular accessories used by customers in architectural works. So today, let’s follow the information below with P69 Mechanical Factory, to better understand this product!

What is Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever?

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High-quality Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever from P69 Mechanical Factory

Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever is a type of air valve used to open and close; or adjust the return air lines and supply air lines. It is installed on the supply air duct, return air duct or can be installed behind the louver depending on the individual requirements of each ventilation system to bring a fresh and fresh space.

In particular, the hand-operated wind valve uses stainless steel or zinc. And has anti-rust, good bearing capacity, ensuring product durability and bringing a sense of security to systems using hand-operated air valves.

Product Information

Product code: R-VCD-H

Materials: Galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel

Limited temperature: -20 to 120 Celsius Degree

Detailed Structure:

– Body type: Body is not welded. Thickness from 0.75 -1.15(mm)

– Wing type: Single wing. Thickness from 0.75 – 1.15(mm)

– Valve shaft: Galvanized round steel 10×10(mm)

– Valve silver: Galvanized steel silver, round hole mounted on valve body


Pairing: Connect the sound cage directly to the air duct cavity

– Size: As required

Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever Characteristics

– The valve body is shaped, bent and cut automatically on CNC machines. Valve body has stiffening ribs.

– The vane is shaped with a V-shaped stiffener in the middle.

– The air valve shaft is manufactured by CNC lathe from 10×10 (mm) square steel and is hot-dip galvanized.

– The valve stem has a 2-block structure made of galvanized steel, with a 10×10 round hole to create a solid connection without screws with the valve shaft.

– Each link of the vane circlip valve is a countersunk, cold worked, or electrically welded joint by the material compensating method.

– The CNC synchronous punching machine system allows precise punching on the valve body or support bar. Ensures maximum concentricity of bearings, shafts and blades. Therefore, the hand-operated circular air valve operates smoothly and accurately.

– The control elements for the rotary vane are either manufactured by P69 Company, suitable for each type, or imported from reputable manufacturers, according to the highest standards.

Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever Design Features

The hand-operated air valve is one of the indispensable accessories in regulating or cutting the air flow in air conditioning and ventilation systems. Therefore, the product is designed with the following outstanding design features:

– Design of the lever part to perform the function of adjusting the air valve in the ventilation duct low or high, depending on the purpose of use.

– The hand-held air valve is designed directly on the supply air pipe or the return air line or at the back of the air box, in order to adjust the air flow according to your wishes.

– The materials are made entirely from galvanized steel or stainless steel with durability, high resistance to oxidation, suitable for the climate in our country.

– The hand valve design has a variety of sizes, suitable for all needs and installed in many different duct systems, ensuring absolute safety during use.

– In particular, the hand-operated air valve is also designed to be flexible, can be made of plastic or screw, depending on the needs of the customer to choose the appropriate type of flap during use.

Popular Hand lever air valves

Not only diverse in size, the handwheel wind valve is also designed in a variety of designs and sizes, including 2 types: square and round, each type will have different characteristics and uses. As follows:

Square Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever

Square air valve is a type of air valve designed and manufactured in square or rectangular shape; suitable for installation in square air ducts. Like other types of air valves, square air valves are designed to open, close or adjust the supply and return air lines and are installed directly on the ductwork, inlet or behind the louver depending on the requirements of the customer. ventilation system.

In particular, square air valves are produced and born with a number of different specifications, identified by a number of designed parts and their roles in each system such as:

– Structure includes valve body, vane, adjusting part, …

– Valves can produce a single blade or multiple blades

– Manual adjustment by lever or worm gear

– Standard length L= 200mm, connecting additional flange system

Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever

The circular handwheel wind valve is a product used to adjust the supply air volume on the main pipeline or pipe branches, open and close.

Types of Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever

+ Loại 1: Tay gạt ngang gắn trực tiếp điều chỉnh trục cánh van đóng mở qua bạc và vít hãm.

+ Loại 2: Tay gạt điều khiển dạng trục vít bánh vít vận hành điều khiển êm ái; tay trục vít ăn khớp với bánh vít côn gắn trên trục cánh đóng mở cánh van.

Structure of Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever

+ Product composition materials: Galvanized steel and stainless steel, in which the thickness of the material depends on the size and each installation system.

+ Basic structure: valve body, valve shaft, valve stem, lever, support shaft, …

+ Number of lever vanes: There is only one way, the structure is different from the square lever.

+ Standard length of square lever: The length of the product is not fixed like that of the square vane.

Outstanding Advantages of Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever

The appearance of the hand-operated circular air valve all brings the following outstanding advantages:

+ Hand-held wind valve is used to adjust the amount of return and supply air to suit the needs of the installation unit when using the ventilation system.

+ The design consists of 3 main parts: Vo valve, windbreak and lever part. Each part performs a separate function to ensure smooth operation of the air valve.

In particular, the hand-held air valve is also appreciated for its convenience when it is easy to adjust the flow through the lever adjustment system.

+ Compared with electric wind valve and VCD air valve, the manual air valve has an affordable price; and suitable for all needs of customers, depending on the specific project to choose the right wind valve.

With outstanding features; The hand-operated circular air valve is always the product that receives the most trust from customers. So why hesitate; Please pick up the phone and call our Hotline number to order now!

Where to buy quality Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever

Currently, on the market, there are many different suppliers of Round Volume Control Damper – Hand Lever. But P69 Mechanical Factory is still considered a name chosen by many customers when shopping for products. With the following outstanding advantages:

– Competitive price

– Fast, modern production line

– Professional and flexible sales staff

– Product warranty policy from 12-36 months

Products are diverse in size and design; This will help customers choose a low-cost but high-quality rotary vane. If you have any questions, you can directly contact the Hotline number for answers!

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