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Product code:

  • Square Pressure Relief Damper: S-PRD
  • Round Pressure Relief Damper: R-PRD

Material: Galvanized or Stainless Steel

Detailed Structure:

  • Valve body thickness: 0.75 ÷ 2 (mm)
  • Valve wing thickness: 0.58 ÷ 1.15 (mm)
  • Valve Shaft: Galvanized Round Steel 10×10 (mm)
  • Bearing damper: Galvanized Steel Silver, Round Hole perforated on Valve Body

Operation: Operated by the counterweight, according to the principle of pressure balance

Size: Customized

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Pressure Relief Damper is currently known as the device installed in the ventilation system, pressurizing the corridor to help prevent backflow or adjust the ductwork system easily. However, for many people, the air duct pressure relief valve is still a strange name.

However, what is a pressure relief valve and what are its characteristics. Let’s follow the post shared below of the P69 Mechanical Factory  for answers.

Introduction of Pressure Relief Damper

Pressure relief square air valve is a wind valve device that works based on increasing or decreasing wind pressure. When the wind pressure in the system has increased to a certain limit, it will be controlled for the vane of the air valve to open for the air to escape, and vice versa, if the wind pressure is reduced, the vane of the air valve is also automatically. close.

Square air pressure relief valve plays an important role in the stable and effective operation of the ventilation system. This device is based on the mechanism of operation with pressure level, so it is commonly installed in high-rise buildings, closed architectural design, the risk of high pressure increase.

In addition, the pressure relief square air valve is placed according to the rules of the internal set, so the user can easily adjust the position of the air duct pressure relief valve to suit the pressure requirements. The pressure release feature is based on the principle of balancing the leaf valves to ensure that it is suitable for each specific project.

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High-quality Pressure Relief Damper from P69 Mechanical Factory

Product Information

Product code: S- PRD

Materials: Galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel

Limited temperature: -20 to 120 Celsius Degree

Coating: Powder-coated

Standard color: Porcelain white, other standard colors

Detailed Structure:

– Body type: Welded electrically by the method of material compensation.

– Thickness from 0.75 -1.15(mm)

– Wing type: Single wing. Thickness from 0.75 – 1.15(mm)

– This device is mounted in the form of a counterweight unit. The pressure release feature is based on the principle of balancing the valve leaves. The valve flap opens when the pressure rises to excessive levels and the valve flap closes when the pressure in the pipeline drops to a minimum.

– Forward 1-way Wing movement

Pressure Relief Damper Design Features

The pressure relief valve is currently one of the important accessories in the ductwork system in high-rise buildings, factories or commercial centers. Duct exhaust valve products are distinguished by the following characteristics:

+ Diverse sizes, each type will have specific applications suitable for the project. Depending on the needs of use or each project to choose the appropriate duct pressure relief valve size.

+ The material is made of zinc-aluminum coated steel sheet, with high durability and resistance to oxidation, suitable for the hot – humid weather conditions of our country and ensures absolute safety for large projects or works. . At the same time, ensure long-term use.

+ The highlight of the square air valve is the installation position, the product has many designs, so it can be installed on the wall, on the windpipe in the vertical or horizontal mode.

+ In addition, the pressure relief square air valve is also distinguished by diverse designs in terms of models and designs such as: round duct pressure relief valve, square duct pressure relief valve … Depending on each specific project to Select the appropriate type.

Pressure Relief Damper Mechanism

Basically, the pressure relief valve is fully automatic, based on the principle of pressure balance, the opening of the valve is changed according to the pressure of each specific pipeline.

When the pressure in the pipeline increases to the selected excess, from 30-150 Pa can be up to 300 Pa, then the valve leaves open to relieve the pressure. Next, when the pressure in the pipeline drops to the selected minimum, the valve will close so that the pressure is stabilized to a safe level.

Product Detailed Video

Where to buy the best Pressure Relief Damper?

So where to buy Pressure Relief Damper? Definitely a question that gets the attention of many customers. On the market, there are many different product suppliers, but P69 Company is still a name trusted and chosen by customers because of the following advantages:

– A team of professional technicians with high professional qualifications

– Cheaper than other brands

– Product warranty policy 12-36 months

– Home delivery support

– Consulting and answering all questions 24/7

The above is the product information that P69 Mechanical Factory introduces, hopes to help you gain more useful knowledge about the product before choosing. If you have any questions, please contact our hotline directly for answers!


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