Product code: PKMC-ZM

Materials: Steel, stainless steel, or steel

Surface coating: Powder coated, galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, electro galvanized

Standard colors: Gray, and other standard colors


  • Length: 1500 9000 mm
  • Width: 80 800 mm
  • Height: 50 ÷ 200 mm.
  • Thickness: 0.6 2.5 mm


  • Impact strength: IEC 61537-2001
  • Load capacity: IEC 61537-2001 or NEMA Ve1-2009
  • Powder coating: 70µ TCVN 4392-1986
  • Hot Dip Galvanized: ASTM A123/A123M-08
  • Size: according to design requirements
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Z Tray Cable Tray, also known as power trough or trunking, is commonly used in factories, apartments, high-rise buildings, commercial centers… Many customers favor using. Let’s find out through the article below with P69 Mechanical Factory.


Z Máng
High-quality Z Tray (Cable Tray) from P69 Mechanical Factory


Materials: Corrugated iron, stainless steel, or steel

Coating: Powder-coated, galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized

Standard Colors: Gray, and other standard colors


Length: 1500 ÷ 9000 mm

Width: 75 ÷ 1500 mm

Height: 50 ÷ 200 mm.

Thickness: 0,6 ÷ 2,5 mm


Impact resistance: IEC 61537-2001

Load capacity: IEC 61537-2001 or Nema Ve1-2009

Powder-coated: ≥70µ TCVN 4392-1986

Hot-dip Galvanized: ASTM A123/A123M-08

Size: As requirements


Can be disassembled, moved quickly, simply, effectively saving time

Limiting scratches and tearing of cable covers in the trough

Easy to install by hand

Just some basic supporting tools such as nuts, screws…

Saving cost of raw materials, maintenance, maintenance and installation.

Not affected by chemicals, weather

Helps to arrange cables neatly, saving space

Reasonable price…

Where is the place to buy the best Z Tray (Cable Tray)?

Currently, Z Tray (Cable Tray) is being supplied and distributed genuine at P69 Mechanical Factory. With the criterion of bringing quality products and reasonable prices, P69 Mechanical Factory has become a reputable supplier trusted and chosen by a large number of customers by:

Products of clear origin

Competitive price

Working professionally

Policy for customers

Product warranty…

Customers wishing to buy Z cable carrier, please contact the information below for more details, advice on choosing the most suitable products.

P69 Mechanical Factory Contact information

Address: Km 18, Thang Long Boulevard, Thach That Quoc Oai Industrial Area, Hanoi

Headquarters: No. 06/165C, Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Telephone: 09666 86 969

Hotline: 0989 188 982

Email: kd1@cokhip69.com.vn

Website: https://cokhip69.com.vn/


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