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Square Air Duct Silencer

Square Air Duct Silencer

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  • Coating material: Galvanized steel or stainless steel

    Structure details: Consists of 3 basic layers

    • Inner layer of mineral wool
    • Wrapped in glass cloth
    • The outermost is perforated corrugated iron to form a sturdy and durable frame


    • The heat transfer coefficient: 0.038 W/m.k
    • Density: 40-60kg/m3
    • Standard thickness: 25mm; 50mm; 100mm; 150mm; 200mm

Product details

Inner wall square sound absorber - Square Air Duct Silencer is known as one of the noise reduction devices used in today's machinery. However, for many people, this item is still quite new. So what are the characteristics of square sound absorption in the inner wall? What is the effect of square sound absorption in the inner wall? Follow along with the information below!

Specifications of inner wall Square Air Duct Silencer
Inner wall Square Air Duct Silencer are made from many different source devices, traditional methods are still dominant, including mineral wool, glass fiber and perforated corrugated iron to make sound absorbers for service on air ducts.. In particular, the product is designed with the following specifications:

  • The heat transfer coefficient: 0.038 W/m.k
  • Minimum density: 50-60kg/m3
  • Fire resistance standard class 1
  • Main material thickness is 25mm with 1 side of glue
  • Because it is vulcanized rubber, it has high moisture resistance

Outstanding effect of square sound absorption in inner wall
Inner wall square soundproof products are mainly used in heat insulation, soundproofing or fireproofing and saving labor costs effectively. In addition, the product is also appreciated for the following uses:

  • Anti-noise caused by engines and equipment
  • Square wall sound absorption in effective anti-noise effect
  • Anti-noise caused by transmission from outside sources into the room
  • Anti-noise air outlet air outlet.
  • Remove dusty substances in the environment of factories, factories or industrial parks

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