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Square Air Duct As a familiar product in projects that require high technicality, square air duct in addition to ensuring the value of use, it also brings its own preeminent features. So what is a square duct? What is the difference between square duct and other ductwork? The following article P69 Mechanical Factory will help you better understand the product.

Product Information

Product code: OGV-TDC


  • Galvanized sheet, or stainless steel
  • Usually use GI galvanized sheet, JIS G3302 standard
  • Common thickness: 0.48, 0.58, 0.75, 0.95, 1.11 mm
  • Required thickness: from 2 – 3 mm
  • Galvanized thickness: from Z8 (80 grams of zinc/m2) to Z18
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What is a Square Air Duct?

Square duct is understood as a means of conveying air in a straight direction; treated air; fresh air supply; circulating air or ventilation air for buildings using such as: high-rise buildings, factories, offices, hotels, restaurants, apartments… at present.

In particular, the square air duct with high durability creates certainty and good efficiency, helping to achieve optimal airflow efficiency in the used space, ensuring the most airy and comfortable working environment.

Structural features

– Square duct is a type of air duct mainly made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.

– With a variety of galvanized corrugated iron ducts including different thicknesses such as 0.48mm, 0.58mm, 0.75mm, 0.95mm, 1.15mm thick galvanized sheets, along with many different types of galvanized steel with different degrees of zinc coating such as: zinc degree Z8, Z10, Z12, Z18

– With the type of stainless steel air duct, including 2 main types, stainless steel 201 and stainless steel 304, each type will be divided into many small types with two distinct glossy and matte forms. Polished stainless steel has a higher price than matte stainless steel. In which, galvanized corrugated iron pipes are more commonly used due to the appropriate cost.

– The thickness of the square duct is calculated based on the largest side size of the duct as well as what system the duct is used for, all of which are followed by the standards of the design unit as well as according to the standards of the design unit. customer’s own requirements.

– Square ducts have their length L depending on the size of the corrugated iron, standard C brace ducts are 1180 and TDF – TDC is L1110. Square duct type TDF – TDC is considered the most used type today.

Outstanding advantages

P69 square air duct is currently a quality product line manufactured to provide for many construction items across the country with competitive prices and the best progress. With the outstanding advantages that square air ducts bring as follows:

– Square air duct design helps better circulation, creating favorable conditions without affecting the air flow.

– Square ducts are used in a variety of ventilation systems, they are connected to each other through C-clips, flange clamps, bolts or valve accessory systems, to create a complete pipeline system. for the entire construction project.

– In addition, the square air duct P69 is also quite light in weight, which can be easily moved to the location where it needs to be installed.


Products are used in projects such as:

– Air-conditioning and ventilation works

– Dust collection system works, dust filter

– Hot air suction works

– Toxic gas extraction works

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